Sri. Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy

Hon'ble Chief Minister
Government of A.P.

Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of A.P.

జగనన్న స్వచ్ఛ సంకల్పం

Sri. Audimulapu Suresh

Hon'ble Minister for MA & UD
Government of A.P.

District Wise Details




TOTAL Ward .sec'S


Total Clusters


TOTAL HH's in (lakhs)

ULB Wise Details

Sl No. Name of the ULB Name of the Ward.Sec No. of H.H No. of Vehicles


Municipal Commissioner

  • Preparation of designated route plan to each vehicle for collection of waste.
  • Allocation of 2 PH workers to each ward for effective door to door collection of segregated waste.
  • ULB has to ensure that no other waste is being collected in auto tipper except wet, dry, e- waste & hazardous waste.
  • Monitoring of recorded daily data logs of drivers and workers attendance, repair and maintenance of the vehicles along with daily vehicle tracking GPS reports.
  • ULB has to ensure that collected waste was properly transported to designated GTS, treatment facility centers or dumpsite.
  • The processing facility or dumpsite should have a proper approach road facility to transport the waste.
  • ULB has to provide dedicated, safe and sufficient parking places for vehicles which are being monitored by CC cameras.

SI/Ward Sanitary Secretaries/Environmental Secretaries

  • Record daily data logs which covers Supervisor, Drivers and Workers attendance, monitored regularly.
  • The vehicles should cover all the households waste is collected as per the assigned route plan; the concerned official shall verify the data as per vehicle trip plan.
  • Concerned Sanitary Inspector /Environmental & Sanitation Secretary has to monitor the collection and transportation of waste and they have ensured that the work will be done as per the plan.
  • The workers should be aware of that Wet Waste collected in Green Colour Compartment, Dry Waste in Blue Colour Compartment and Hazardous Waste in Red Colour Bin, E-Waste in Black Colour Bin attached at back side of vehicle.
  • The assigned workers should be with the vehicle until it completes the process of collection and dumping of waste.
  • The waste collected is transported to the GTS and dumped in the designated bin placed as per the type of waste.